Text Neck?

    Text Neck: A Condition that Affects People Who Text and Use Technology a Lot

    text-neckDoctor Dean Fishman is a chiropractic physician from Plantation (Florida) who is responsible for the trademark "text neck". This doctor has declared for foxnews.com that people who use technology and text a lot can endanger their health. According to Dr. Fishman, "text neck" is a condition that is spread globally at epidemic rates and it really has an impact on the way our bodies will grow from now on. He explains how this works using two x-ray images: one of a normal spine and one of a spine that was already affected by the condition.

    Is There Any Evidence?

    There is evidence. In the first x-ray there is a red line that represents a normal curvature of the spine. In the second one, the perching forward of the primary bones is accentuated by the red line. Dr. Fishman thinks that the second x-ray represents an abnormal instance of the spine and that "text neck" causes side effects like headaches, arthritis and pain in the neck, arms and shoulders.

    Studies and Statistics

    According to a study from Pew Research, almost 8 Americans out of 10 send text messages using their mobile phones. Another study published by IDC (a tech research company) suggested that seventy-nine percent of people between the age of 18 and 44 have a smartphone with them twenty-two hours daily. Statistics from CTIA- The Wireless Association show that only in the last year, United States citizens have sent 1.91 trillion text messages.

    In reality, the problem is not just related to texting and reading messages, as it also involves gaming. Statistics show that 52 percent of children of up to eight years old spend 43 minutes daily on mobile phone toys. This means our kids spend five additional hours weekly in a posture that causes back and neck pains to them.

    The Side Effects of the Posture

    You are in the "text neck" posture when you perform activities like texting, typing and reading. Your back is stretching out during this time and ligaments become weak in the long term. Just as a physical therapist from Mississippi by the name of Dr. Brian Kirby has said, the effects of these activities are: nerves are compressing, you experience tingling and burning sensations down your arms and you also experience a bulging of your discs.

    What Can Be Done?

    On the other hand, some people say that technology will inevitably be a part of humanity in the future. Fishman also said that cell phones work now like an extension of the human body. The general advice against the negative effects of mobile phones is to stay away from these gadgets from time to time. The problem is that it is becoming harder every day to apply these tips, because we are becoming more and more dependent on technology.

    Dr. Fishman stated that the dangers to our health can increase if we do nothing about it. Luckily, he has found a way to overcome this issue: he has developed an application for mobile phones called Text Neck Indicator, which can be able to educate people on the condition. This application actually indicates you how to correctly hold your mobile phone. When the position of the user is wrong, the user is alerted in real time. A green light in the top corner of the display will be on when the position is correct (the viewing angle). If the position is not right, the light turns red. The application can be downloaded for Android and other platforms.

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    Built-In Wi-Fi Hot-Spots Generation Cars

    Being connected to the net is an utmost necessity nowadays. More and more connected automobiles have its own Wi-Fi hot-spots. Currently, more automobile makers are realizing the trend and are jumping on the bandwagon before it is too late. This is what General Motors is currently doing.

    Being one of the giants in the car automobile industry, General Motors has recently launched its 4G LTE service for the new Chevrolet Malibu sedan. In addition, there is also a plan for more car models following suit before the end of the year. Aside from GM, Audi and Chrysler’s Ram brand have already or will soon add 4G connectivity in their own products.

    General Motors subsidiary operating the maker’s 4G service is its subsidiary – OnStar. According to them, there will be a 3-month free trial. It is indeed quite appealing for many vehicle users who are always on the go. It would be greatly beneficial to parents with children. Parents can now concentrate on driving while kids are being kept busy watching online movies or playing their favorite online games.

    OnStar services will be offered at affordable rates with monthly fees from $10 to $50. However, for those who want the services for longer periods, an annual plan is also available ranging from $5 to $200.

    Of course, there will be skeptics. Some of them are questioning the need for fixed Wi-Fi hot-spot in a vehicle when there are numerous mobile 4G service vendors. In addition, there are also a lot of gadgets that can be used as Wi-Fi hot-spot.

    However, GM pushed all these doubts aside. They claimed that there is a great advantage in their built-in 4G systems. According to them, it will utilize an external antenna for improved and much stronger signal strength compared to a portable hot-spot that might be inside a huge steel vehicle.

    The new OnStar 4G system will be offered later on to other GM car models such as the Chevrolet Corvette sports car and the Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. With such innovations, staying connected to friends at all times would become even more attainable.

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    Users Of Google And Facebook Threatened By A Novel Security Defect

    Computer Password SecurityThese are scary times. Recently, a major security defect detected in two popular security standards shows that virtually anyone can gain access to your details on Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and many other online services. The new flaw has been called ‘Covert Redirect’ by the person who discovered it, and it is present in two open-source session-authorization protocols, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID.

    These two standards are widely used across the globe on cyberspace as it allows users to enter their login details on these websites using their credentials from other platforms. This can be for logging in on a cyber forum or even something as simple as making use of your Twitter or Facebook username, instead of you having to create a new account just for that particular platform.

    Hackers and cyber attacks can take advantage of this flaw to cloak their identity and fire multiple phishing attempts on legitimate websites. This is according to the discoverer of the flaw, Wang Jing, a doctorate student at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. More worrisome is his belief that this defect may not be cleaned up anytime soon. He stated that not the authentication companies (referring to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft and others) or even the client organizations (websites or applications through which users log in via an account from an authentication company) are bothered about fixing the issue.

    Writing on his blog, Yang explained that the weakest link is the one that exists in the third-party websites. He stressed that very little, if any, effort has been made to find a lasting solution to the issue. He also worries that the most disturbing danger of Covert Redirect is that there is the possibility of using it to carry out phishing attacks, which will allow these cyber criminals to snatch login details of users by utilizing the email messages that have links to the malicious websites that have clearly and carefully masked their identities. Usually, ordinary phishing attempts can be detected, but with Covert Redirect, this is not the case as the attacker successfully makes use of the real website instead of the URL for the malicious page.

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    Four Seasons Luxury Travel On Air


    Jetsetters now have a new way to enjoy their luxurious travels and that is what Four Seasons – branded private jet – has to offer. The Four Seasons, a Toronto-based luxury resort company with its own Boeing 757, will fly passengers to its numerous resorts across the globe.

    Passengers will be able to enjoy amenities of a Four Seasons suite. This private jet tours will probably cost more $60,000 to $120,000 a person. Passengers can enjoy luxurious duvets and gourmet meals. In addition, there will be learned tour guides with wildlife or culture education for every visited attraction.

    Four Seasons is known for its legendary service for 50 years now. The sky is just one avenue of providing luxury to traveling guests. According to four Seasons’ executive vice president for marketing, Susan Helstab, the jet tours will provide elegance and comfort that will be tailored according to the personal desires of every passenger.

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    Placester Making Deal With Hearst

    placester_logoPlacester is now offering the latest publisher platform, which will be used by Hearst to change its real estate sections. This new platform will be offering real estate inventory info, related ad products, and consumer search.

    Placester, with the real estate marketing platform, has recently raised $5.5 million in Series A funding, which will be used as an additional capital to its new platform intended for publishers. Now, with a capacity to power over 70,000 real estate professionals’ websites and even reach a community of over 100,000, Placester is really making its move.

    Placester was founded in 2009 by a former real estate agent named Matt Barba. Placester was created based on Matt’s experiences on how tricky it is to get real estate data online. In the past, one has to access data from MLSes and then for an IDX integration to allow customers to view listings. It is an expensive process. In addition, there are 900 working MLSes in the US and each one has different retrieval process. Furthermore, most of the data harvested from the MLSes are not regularly updated.

    Now, Placester is providing a solution for such problems. The company is offering realtors WordPress websites that are maintenance-free and are SEO optimized. Another good thing is that, Placester’s newest platform is mobile and tablet-friendly.

    With Hearst Corporation, Placester will also be incorporated into websites for local newspapers. It will be starting with The Connecticut Post. Later on, 4 more papers will include The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Antonio Express-News, The Albany Times Union, and The Houston Chronicle. If everything falls into place, Placester has plans of reaching out to a larger network of 13 local papers.

    With an $8 million in outside investment, Placester is climbing the top. At this time, the company will not divulge its revenue. Currently, Placester is a team of 34 and continues to hire additional manpower.

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